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, All About Cancer : Symptoms, Cause, Treatmentbanner
, All About Cancer : Symptoms, Cause, Treatment

All About Cancer : Symptoms, Cause, Treatment

, All About Cancer : Symptoms, Cause, Treatment
, All About Cancer : Symptoms, Cause, Treatment

A Brief Idea on Cancer

, All About Cancer : Symptoms, Cause, Treatment


Cancer (Cancer Cells) is an uncontrolled and abnormal Section of Cells that destroy the surrounding tissues.

Cancer Symptoms :
Unexplained Changes in Weight.
Thickening in the breasts or any other part of the human body.
Indigestion of difficulty in swallowing.
Changes in bowel or bladder habits.

Types of Cancer :
There are four Types of Cancer.
Sarcoma, Carcinoma, Lymphoma, Leukaemia.

Causes of Cancer :

Transformation of normal cell (s) into abnormal or Cancer cell if the regulation is upset.

Chemical Substances known as carcinogen cause cancer.
Different categories of carcinogens :

Substances that promote the proliferation of cells, which have already undergone genetic alterations responsible for oncogenic transformation.

Substances or agents that can cause alterations in the genetic material (DNA) , resulting in oncogenic transformation.

Cancer causing DNA and RNA viruses have been shown to be associated with oncogenic transformation.

Treatments of Cancer :

Chemotherapy : Anti-cancer drug e.g. Vinblastine, Vincristine inhibit the DNA synthesis in cell cycle of Cancerous cell.

Radiation : X-ray radiation,Co-60(cobalt) are given to destroy rapidly dividing cells.

Surgery : Surgery removes the infected lymph nodes and entire cancerous tissues.

The Last option to Prevent Cancer is Application of Every Therapy, it’s the treatment of combination of surgery, radiation and drugs.

Caution : Meet A Specialised Doctor as soon as you notice symptoms of The Disease. Nowadays cancer is not an unpreventable dieseas.