Tips for Youngsters to deal With Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs

More than 4000 chemical substances are present in cigarette smoke and kills almost 7 millions people each year. ‘cigarette causes cancer’! We read the warning on the packet of cigarette but never try to understand what it means and burn dozens of cigarettes. we all know consuming alcohol is injurious to health but spend our hard earned money to buy expensive bottles of wine. Are we actually literate? We are absolutely careless! Even some people can’t imagine to survive a single day without ‘Ganza(Marijuana)’. it’s becoming to a new trend among our Youths. unfortunately nobody realize that they are involving in crimes. you are going to kill yourself. besides your nearby person is going to suffer a serious health trouble because of smoke and you are responsible for that. according to World Health Organization there are 130 millions smokers in India and 13% of the total smokers in the world are Indian. and most importantly almost 12% smokers are young. Our life is very Short ! You have to do a lot to change and develop the world. You should remember and think about them who truly love and care you. you can’t broke them who want you. don’t spoil your dreams. smoke or alcohol cannot be a part of enjoyment. consuming these are not dares. show your bravery by helping and serving the people. millions people die in road accident because of alcohol. thousands of teens and youngsters involve in conflicts and crimes like murder, dacoity, rape and cyber crimes etc because of drugs, alcohol or marijuana. wine is not essential in parties. you don’t need to drink or smoke to show your maturity. show it by understanding its impact on a peaceful society. show your Youth power by being a responsible person. don’t be a fool,be crazy for a good cause,be practical. control your sentiments and be logical ! After all it’s 21st century, the age of Google, Facebook, twitter. certainly You are educated enough. why do you wasting your life with drugs ? Think before doing something. don’t be a burden for your family and society. prove your existence. always remember that you are special in the world. you have abilities to do everything. you can change yourself. you are not late. it’s time to bring changes. still You have times to live a beautiful life. just ask yourself what are you doing ! Why are you doing ! You are consuming alcohol, drugs, cigarettes,Ganza because of mental relief or to accompany your friends or to have fun, because of curiosity or to show off your Young attitude or as a medicine or to stay away from loneliness or to be freed up from stresses (depression/tension). the reality is non of these has positive impact in our body. there is no scientific proof, you are just lying yourself. it can help you to feel better for a very short time like a pain killer. it’s an imaginary pleasure like masturbation where is no reality and positivity. you can’t expect permanent solution from it and that short time satisfaction is very very harmful for you. Just Stop showing causes and avoid them who offer you a cigarette. try to enjoy parties without wine. nothing is important than life. think about Final results before consuming anything. don’t live in a virtual world. Don’t escape from problems, prepare yourself to face them. there are many ways to solve problems or to enjoy your life. there are many reasons to avoid these all. it depends on you. today you can start a new life, live an absolutely happy life. all you need is determination. there are too many ways to avoid these all. first of all consider your diet to quite your smoking habit. change your food habits and routine. go to Gym. spend times with family and non smoking friends. keep more busy when yourself when you feel need of a drink or smoke. maintain regular exercises. analysis your problems practically and find out logical solutions. never ever stock cigarette or alcohol at home and avoid late night parties. try to stay away from drinkers and the drugs experienced person. control your emotions and live for a great cause. only you can save your life. change yourself to change the world, think positive and be positive.

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