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Earn Money as Youtuber

How To Earn Money From YouTube ?

Earn Money as Youtuber

By Making and Sharing Some Videos someone can make a position in Forbes list of richest persons,is it not interesting ? it’s true and possible.but Youtube doesn’t make a millionaire can’t expect to become a celebrity with a huge fan following on the first day of starting the YouTube channel.before preparing your wallet you have to create a YouTube channel.

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Earn From YouTube

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After Creating Your YouTube Channel with a description,clip art(Profile image), background image you can Upload your videos with appropriate titles.make videos of what you like and what you know.usefull contents on popular subjects have more possibilities to be viral world wide.

There are a few ways to earn from your videos on YouTube,but the primary revenue Source is GoogleAdsense ( CPM ).The short advertising videos that automatically plays during a monetized video streaming earn money from YouTube advertising program.Every Youtuber can expect an amount from Google through this way.From the advertising (Adsense) Youtuber will be paid 55% of the ad revenue and Youtube keeps the remaining 45%. A YouTube channel makes minimum $1 -$2 per 1000 views on its video.Income depends on the popularity and quality (subject+presentation) of videos.

Affiliate Marketing: Huge marketing agencies pay a big amount to the channel with a huge fan base for promoting a product or their products into your video description,The agency or company will pay you lucrative amounts after purchasing through your link.sometimes it might be doearnyoutubeyne contract basis between the channel owner and the advertising agency or company.Sponsorship is an idea of direct promotion of a product or service,it earns a fixed amount.promoting your videos and the channel is the essential part of your business to grow and sustain the process.share your videos(video links) wherever you can(on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to bring audiences into your place where you can show them your works and make them benefited.

Your Paid Youtube videos are high grossing source of income where you’ll give most valuable informations to your audiences by charging them a fixed price for the video.its a kind of digital distribution method.

Crowdfunding campaigns can help to earn some money through YouTube Videos with non-profit informations by linking audiences into your crowdfunding platform.

Dedication, Collaboration,SEO, Social Connection make a Successful Youtuber.

Lets take a look upon some Youtubers who become famous celebrity with the help of YouTube.(Indian

Nilesh Mishra is a popular storyteller indian YouTuber.

Bhuvan Bam is an unique comedian & mimicry artist who makes his audiences laugh and happy with his comedy videos on his YouTube Channel BB Ki Vines.

Shraddha Sharma, is a young and beautiful YouTube musician(singer) who became a new sensation of music and earns Popularity among youngsters.she has a strong fan base with 202,206 subscribers on YouTube.She started her journey with some self recorded homemade videos by singing with a guitar.

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