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Earn money from blog, How To Make Money By Bloggingbanner
Earn money from blog, How To Make Money By Blogging

How To Make Money By Blogging

Earn money from blog, How To Make Money By Blogging
Earn money from blog, How To Make Money By Blogging

To be a Blogger(Professional/Passionate) First of all you have to Start a Blog or Website(There are some differences between a Blog and a Website) and this is the first step before making any money as a blogger.Now a days Some Platforms Like WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Weebly are providing free services to its users to create a blog without any technical or programming knowledge.Wordpress is the most popular and recommended blogging platform among bloggers world wide.

Now Create (Write) Some useful contents for readers or users on the blog so that the contents can bring changes in people’s lives in some way.only one content can bring thousands of readers or users into your your blog If it’s useful for them.

The next step after preparing the blog and contents is Promoting your blog.its the most important part of a blog and blogger before monetization, because to earn money from the blog you need sufficient traffic. visitors should like and be benefited from the contents to make them reader from traffic, you have to keep the process continue ,right ?
You can use social media platforms to promote or find readers or be engaged with visitors (readers).
After all these you can expect some money from your blog,but don’t forget that money wouldn’t flow by itself.a blog required dedication of blogger for long term income.there are too many ways to earn from your blog,you can utilise them.

1.Advertising :

Primary Income Source for almost All Bloggers is advertisment,its like how Newspapers, Magazines,TV Channels do.advertising is the easiest way for a beginner(Moneybaaz did too). There are a few CPC Ad Networks like Google Adsense that pay good money for publishing advertisements on your blog, they work as middlemen between the blogger and the brand or company.your income depends on popularity of your blog.every visitor is your customer.Sponsored Posts,Job Boards, Video Advertising, Selling Advertising Spaces(Adspace) to Brands are some methods of advertisement for your blog.

2.Affiliate Marketing :

When your blog link to a product that is for sell on an another website and someone purchased that product by following your link then you will earn a commission from the site.Amazon, eBay, Flipkartthese online shopping portals pay enough for using their affiliate programs.there are also a few Ad Networks for Affiliate Marketing.

3.Premium Contents :

Users Pay an amount to access Premium Contentson your blog,it may be monthly or annual basis. Premium Membership Sites Provide exclusive Contents for registered members.Consultations,coaching or tutorials may be premium Contents for your blog if you have good skills and knowledge on any can create a private forum too.

4.Selling Products :

You can sell a product like e-commerce sites through your blog if it’s related to the subject of your blog.physical products like T-shirts,Caps can be sold as well as the digital products.eBooks, Softwares, Plugins, music, images, videos, themes etc. Are digital products for selling to your blog users.

5. Write Reviews :

You can write a review on any product or a site and can earn’s a kind of affiliate marketing.Some websites like SponsoredReviews,PayPerPost pay for writing reviews on your blog.

(Dear Readers, this short article is just to give you a concept about the subject,Later we will discuss about the matter more thoroughly,till then keep in touch with your true friend Idearmy)