Uhu Uhu Lyrics – Akash Nibir| Achurjya Borpatra | Montumoni Saikia

Bia Patile Nohobo
Uhu Uhu Lagibo
Morom Dile Nohobo
Uhu Dibo Lagibo
Uhu Uhu … Uhu Uhu…
Bia Patile Nohobo
Uhu Uhu Lagibo
Morom Dile Nohobo
Uhu Dibo Lagibo

Uhu Uhu Moromot
Uhu Uhu Hoi Gole
Uhu Uhu Lagibo
Uhu Uhu Lagibo Jana

Oi Namrupor Dinesh Kaai Oiii
Ki Koru Atia
Oi Namrupor Dinesh
Upai Muke Dia
Ture Kothat Patilu
Ture Kothat Patilu Bia


Oi Patila Jetia
Uhu Hua Atia
Uhu Uhu Colleget Pohi Sua Atia
Uhu Uhu Porikhyat
Pass Hoba Jetia
Uhu Uhu Kandibo
Uhu Uhu Kandibo Kulat

Aha Aha Dehiti Moina
Dia Dia Uhu Okon dia
Dholong Polong Logailong Moina Oii…

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Xunali Joubanti Ae Bandhoi
Ane Pothiyali
Ane Pothiyali
Xumali Maayare Jaalot

Jibonor Hakudal Ae Bandhoi Bogaboi Lagibo
Bogaboi Lagibo
Agole Paasole Saai

Oi Hongkaror Maya Jaal
Ae Bandhoi Khohiboi Lagibo
Khohiboi Lagibo
Xukhe Dukhe Logote
Xukhe Dukhe Logote Thaki


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