28 years old Daughter married her 69 years old Stepfather, She first met him at his wedding to her mother while she was 16

28 years old Daughter married her 69 years old Stepfather, She first met him at his wedding to her mother while she was 16

A Mom whose 16-year-old daughter ran off with her 57-year-old husband branded her “a monster” – and claims she threatened to run her over in an Aldi car park showdown.

Sarah Watkins, 28 of South Wales, was just 14 years old when she was first introduced to her Stepfather(now husband) David Hargreaves, 69, who was then about to marry her mother Ann Watkins, 54, his second wife.

While Sarah was not living with her mother at the time, she struck up a ‘natural friendship’ with David during visits and they found they enjoyed each other’s company.

After David’s marriage to Sarah’s mother failed, he went public with his love for Sarah, then still a teenager, and the couple tied the knot in 2007.


Despite being disowned by her family, Sarah, who has twins with David, insists she is happy with her choice of husband, although there is no ‘romance’ in their relationship.

Ann Watkins, 54, told how she was left distraught when her own daughter seduced her husband.

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The couple allegedly admitted the affair in an explosive row in the family kitchen after Ann finally confronted her daughter on her long-held fears.

Despite her heartbreak, the mum-of-four offered forgiveness four years later when the pair had twins – but the relationship soon soured.

Ann claimed to police that Sarah had threatened to hit her and had driven at her in a furious showdown.

Sarah denies the allegations.

Ann, who has another daughter called Tara, told “I saw her in March last year when I was shopping for my elderly mother in Aldi.

The mum believes Sarah’s affair with David began while she was away from home looking after her older daughter, Tara, who was having a baby.

It was in 2007 and Ann had travelled 50 miles from the family’s Ebbw Vale home to be at Tara’s side in Swansea.

But Ann did not discover the awful truth of her husband’s affair with her daughter – David’s step-daughter – until three months later during one of many rows with the teenager.

Ann says David was the fourth older man Sarah took a shine to.

She said: “She used to develop obsessions for these older men.

The couple, who run a bouncy castle company, speak about how their marriage caused a deep family rift in Channel 5 series Age Gap Love, which airs tomorrow night.

Speaking of how he met Sarah’s mother, David says: ‘After my first wife died – I’d been married for over 30 years – I’d been on my own for a little while and got really low and lonely.

‘Then I was introduced to my next wife, who happened to be your [Sarah’s] mother.’

Sarah continues: ‘When David married my mum I was 14, nearly 15, I was living in Portsmouth with my dad and moved into foster care. So I only met David the day of the wedding and then didn’t see him again for a year.’

Their unlikely friendship blossomed when Sarah dropped in to see her mother.

‘Me and David just had a natural friendship and just enjoyed each other’s company,’ Sarah recalls. ‘We could just talk and laugh and be friends.’

‘My family completely disowned me, they didn’t agree with it at all,’ Sarah says.

Despite never having a problem with their 41-year age gap, Sarah admitted being married to an older man can also have its drawbacks.

‘I don’t fancy you though, you’re old and grey,’ she confesses in one brutally honest conversation. ‘And you’ve put on loads of weight.’

The couple laugh with one another as they discuss how their relationship works, revealing they don’t do romance.

Now the couple are planning to host a vow renewal to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary.




Now Lisa is stepmum to her two brothers. Lisa Morgan did the unthinkable when her mum split from her stepfather – she married him.

Their forbidden love would have torn most families apart – but astonishingly Lisa and new hubby Graeme have set up home with her mother Christina and the four kids from both relationships.

Amazingly the bizarre household is a success, with the clan sharing holidays, running a business together and chipping in to pay the mortgage.

In fact the only problems seem to be working out who IS related to who and who WAS related to who…

LISA – Christina’s daughter from her first marriage – used to be half-sister to Graeme and Christina’s sons Charles and Daniel. But now…

LISA, 31, has become stepmother to Charles and Daniel.

CHRISTINA, 53, has become mother-in-law of ex-hubby Graeme.

CHARLES, 17, and DANIEL, 16, have become uncles to Lisa and Graeme’s son Sam, 10 and eight-year-old daughter.

Lisa said: “I never think of Graeme as my stepdad now – he’s my husband. My mother’s never resented us and we share everything.”

Graeme said: “People do get confused, but it’s worked out very well. It seemed like the perfect solution to all live together.

“I didn’t want to lose the boys when Christina and I split up and it made practical and financial sense. We are always clowning around and having a giggle.

“We don’t tend to take life too seriously and enjoy a having a laugh.

“We’ve been on family holidays and worked together in the family’s courier business, plus share all our finances and mortgage payments.

“I call Christina mum and grandma to wind her up. We’re not the type of people who dwell on the past. We like a good joke.”

Lisa insists there was no bitterness between her and her mum when stepdad Graeme became her lover.

Lisa – who hardly knew Graeme for the first 12 years of her life because he was away a lot – admits she developed a crush on him when she was 15.

And a few years later Graeme turned to his step-daughter as a shoulder to cry on after his 14-year marriage to Christina hit the rocks.

Lisa said: “Graeme and mum had already separated and my feelings for him grew stronger. He has a great sense of humour, as well as being tall and attractive.” Graeme recalls: “All I remember of Lisa as a youngster was just a stroppy kid. I barely knew her as I was away so much.

“Even though she was only 18 when we fell for each other, she was so mature and genuine.”

Graeme was still shocked when Lisa first blurted out she was in love with him and he tried to convince her it was just a crush.

But headstrong Lisa persevered and a week later she crept into his bedroom and they made love for the first time. Christina was stunned when the pair told her what was going on.

But rather than disown her daughter, she not only forgave her but paid for their wedding in 1993 and agreed they should all live under the same roof in a four-bed semi in Hastings, East Sussex.

Christina, who has since found happiness with third hubby David Harvey, says: “I never think of Graeme as my ex.

“By the time I got used to the idea of him being with Lisa he was my son-in-law. I didn’t feel betrayed because Graeme and I had already split up. I viewed it as a mother would, considering my daughter’s welfare.

“And I thought ‘She could have done worse and at least I know him’. If she had some home with a stranger as old as him I would have been very worried. But Graeme’s a good man. I knew he’d treat her well.”

At first the brazen couple were treated like social outcasts for their unusual love.

Lisa was even spat at in the street. But they defied their critics in their decision to all live together eight years ago.

“It was a case of all for one and one for all,” explains Graeme. “We pooled everything and set up a family courier business and shared our finances.

“Christina’s new husband David felt a bit insecure at first, especially with me being his wife’s ex.

“But there is no bitterness and we joke about how at least I know what winds Christina up having been married to her.”

The roles of father and mother are naturally divided in the laid-back household, with Graeme being dad to all four kids and Lisa doing most of the housework while Christina helps with the business.

Lisa said: “I do feel like I’m the mum most of the time. I man the phones while Christina is out couriering, so I end up doing the cooking and cleaning.”

The walls of the home are covered with family photos that illustrate the complex web of relationships. Pictures of Lisa and Graeme’s wedding day hang next to Christina and David’s wedding snaps – when ex-hubby Graeme gave Christina away.

Further along the hallway are photos of Graeme and Christina’s sons Charles and Daniel cuddling Graeme and Lisa’s son and daughter – who to make matters even more confusing is also called Lisa.

Charles says: “Our friends think it’s a bit weird, but it’s what we’ve grown up with so to us it’s normal. I was only little when dad and Lisa got together so I don’t remember anything else.” Brother Daniel jokes: “I think of Lisa more as a sister, unless I need my ironing done or dinner cooked, then she’s more like a mum.” But after eight happy years together, the remarkable household is about to split up.

Christina and her husband now want to move out because the house is getting cramped as the children grow up.

Graeme was seriously injured in a motorbike accident two years ago and is unable to meet the £90,000 mortgage payments with just Lisa.

He has written a book about their unusual lives and is seeking a publisher to help generate some income.

He said: “The break-up is upsetting for everyone. But I guess we knew realistically our situation wouldn’t last for ever.”

Lisa adds: “We’ve all lived together for so many years it will be hard dividing everything up.

“After all, we’ve shared everything – cars, money and even husbands.”


A Controversial Stepfather Woody reveals truth about falling in love with his Step-daughter Soon-Yi Previn

Despite a 35-year age gap between the two, the 79-year-old American Filmmaker maintained that the “dynamic worked” due to their “paternal” relationship.

“I’m 35 years older, and somehow, through no fault of mine or hers, the dynamic worked,” he said. “I was paternal. She responded to someone paternal. She enjoyed being introduced to many, many things that I knew from experience, and I enjoyed showing her those things.”

Woody began a romantic relationship with 44-year-old Soon-Yi after dating her mother Mia, 70, and they have been together for 23 years after they wed in 1997.

“I started the relationship with her and I thought it would just be a fling,” Woody admitted.

“It wouldn’t be serious, but it had a life of its own. And I never thought it would be anything more. Then we started going together, then we started living together, and we were enjoying it.”

Reflecting on why they’ve stayed together for so long, Woody said: “I liked her youth and energy. She deferred to me, and I was happy to give her an enormous amount of decision-making just as a gift and let her take charge of so many things.

“I didn’t find any moral dilemmas whatsoever,” the screenwriter told Time magazine. “I didn’t feel that just because she was Mia’s daughter, there was any great moral dilemma.

“It was a fact, but not one with any great import. It wasn”t like she was my daughter.”

Soon-Yi told the publication: “To think that Woody was in any way a father or step-father to me is laughable.”

Meanwhile, last year Woody’s own adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, 30, alleged that he sexually abused her when she was seven-years-old in an explosive open letter.

Woody has in the past vehemently denied the accusations, but he responded to the claims once again during the interview with NPR, saying simply: “It has no meaning in the way I make movies.”

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