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Every Year India is producing millions of individuals who pass through the traditional system of question and answer pattern based examinations and the ultimate result is 18.5 million indians are unemployed. No doubt , Lack of proper education and unemployment are two major factors of increasing national crime rate.every year 45000 jobless individuals commit suicide and maximum of them are Indian.recently 28 million applications were expected to appear for 90000 posts of Indian railways ; 200000 candidates were competing for 1137 Police constable jobs in Mumbai and many of them were over qualified with engineering degrees, masters in business administration and more than 500 were Post Graduate.only390000 jobs created in last two years by the Government which is far lower than the previous years.Human capital has been playing an important role in the economic development of a country but a large number of human resources are under the self made category Unemployed and the productivity growth rates in government Sector have been reducing because of Lack of Skills and Training.According to APJ Abdul Kalam unemployability is the bigger crisis than unemployment.ourEducation System should concentrate on Producing quality human resource with ability to innovate so that they can create more jobs instead of academically qualifying for a Job. Before blaming our education system we have to understand the true meaning of education. Intellectual education influences the head and moral education influences the heart.Trueeducation is training of both the head and the heart.a Person who is morally educated will be more successful than the one who has excellent academic qualifications.we need to compete for knowledge, not for grades.we need to focus on learning,not on marks.somepapers or so called qualifications do not define the future of a person or the country.examinations can make you literate but not educated.literacy is knowing how to read and write , But Education is to know and use your ability with knowledge.Ifyou don’t know how to communicate with people, how to adjust in a society,how to humanly treat people, how to face basic problems then You are not educated,You are just is not all about jobs or’s about living the life.

There are many options to make a successful future (Success Depends on Goal) without any academic qualification and the primary step is identifying the hidden talent and utilisation of ability.talent can give a better life than intelligence. talent means the ability to innovate or create something.Passion is the indication of talent or ability.Passion helps to love the Occupation.every Professional has important role in the world.

IIT is a common dream for many students and Parents,but unfortunately it’s a major reason for suicidal activities among student kills self every hour in India.nearly 9600 students commit suicide last year.UPSC is also a mostly aspired choice among indian Youths but everyone can’t crack it and become depressed.thuswe lost some valuable individuals due to their limited mindset.our parents try to make their own dreams come true through childrens but they never try to understand what the child wants and can do.even the students don’t try to understand the abilities in themselves.thereare thousands of opportunities for a creative person. you don’t need to run after a job , you just develop and utilize your God Gifted Ability.create whatever you can and love what you do , because Happiness, Success and Productivity depends on it College or University degrees are not necessary for a truely talented Person. But education is very essential to civilized human being and it’s true that Institutional Education Gives You a Base and Direction.John Glen Became one of the most famous Astronauts in history despite being a college dropout.Thelegendary Physicist Albert Einstein failed the entrance exams when he attempted to get into University.Thomas Edison , Who was expelled from high school because he was too slow in learning.Wilbur and Orville wright never graduated high school but they invented the flying machine and flew the first airplane.Bill Gates Founded Microsoft, Steve Jobs founded Apple,Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, Henry Ford founded Ford But all of them are College Dropout. Abraham Lincoln became American president without any formal education from school or college.Thefamous author Mark Twain, William Shakespeare had no high education qualifications.Walt Disney,Katy Perry, Sachin Tendulkar, Priyanka Chopra, Salman Khan,A.R Rahman,Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Sylvester Stallone are Some Poorly educated highly successful individuals. Matthew Mullenweg, David Karp,Varun Agarwal, Ritesh Agarwal, Black Ross, Justin Bieber,Ben Pasternak these Young Millionaires earning fame and money while other youngsters maintaining their wallets from Parents earnings.Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize at Seventeen.The 34 Years old Kim Jong Un became the Supreme Leader of North Korea.Age is nothing but a number.You are not too older nor Younger. the important thing is a Clear vision and focus.accept the reality.

Unemployment,Poverty,Social Backwardness, Corruption and Downfall of Economic development are a few major Problems in India and there are Two Effective Solutions to fix these all.First of all we have to change our mindsets.our narrow and traditional thoughts are roots of all Problems.we never try to understand the difference between education and Profession.It’s not necessary that academically good students must be doctor, engineer or administrative officer.whoknows,he may be better in something’s not necessary that a child with Physical disability or Intellectual disability should stay away from school.There are Special teaching methods to educate them so that they can survive in a society.a student with poor academic performance is not a burden for Parents, because certainly he has a hidden talent and he needs a Platform to be well trained to explore more.

The other Solution is Improvisation of the System of Education.Our education system is limited to Books and Exams,there is no Creativity,no Productivity. Teachers are Continuing the System Which was Started by British.Parents and Students are Working hard to Win the Competition of Marks or Grades but nobody tries to understand the purpose of education.educational Institutions are focusing more on Students Attendance than Learning or Teaching.there are thousands of individuals with degrees but they are jobless because they have lack of Knowledge and Skills and Looking for a government Job to survive where is no Work Load and no need of Skill or Idea.

Childrens are future of the Country and they build the Strong foundation for the next generation but we never try to help them to grow a well formed mind.teachers and parents ignore the fields of expertise of students because they forgot that every student is unique and special.Colleges, Universities focus on reserve instead of deserve.lack of diversity and availability in Subjects to take in college or university,lack of quality education,lack of proper environment,lack of connectivity and Motivation are a few reasons why Indian Students think about to Study in USA,UK or Australia instead of Indian Universities.Without a proper education system, a country cannot develop.The Government and Universities should not forget their responsibilities, they should take few steps to improve the system in focused learning System can change the scenario of the country. Outdated Syllabus doesn’t prepare a student to survive in the Sophisticated World.India can’t grow its economy without spreading education in rural areas.Skillbased education can help our Youths to be independent and to compete the Global Race.SuperPower Come from Skills and Productivity.India needs ideas and innovators to be Completely Independent,not labours or Clarks.

Your thoughts can change the World and make India and Indian rich and Powerful forever.