This 21 Years old Girl started her online tuition startup with just INR 5000 to provide affordable education

GyaanSutra, An eLearning platform designed to make online teaching and learning an easy, effective and safe experience. Cheaper than any other teaching platform
Sheweta Das - Gyaansutra

Internet and Digitization are reshaping the future of education. Now education is an emerging industry that creates eye catching opportunities for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs. Existing Ed Tech and Smart Classroom Businesses are growing fast, especially after the COVID-19 Pandemic. Remote learning method is extremely impactful in the current atmosphere. The acceptance of ed-tech industry has increased so much that the online education of India worth $1.96 BN by 2021 in terms of revenue generation and the market is forecast be worth over $18 billion by 2022.

Online learning platforms are redefining the concept of education. During Lock-down period many ed tech startups stepped out  to fill up the  digital learning environment, GyaanSutra is among them. GyaanSutra caters fundamental needs for students who cannot afford expensive online classes as well as traditional tuition classes. Shweta Das, a 21 years old student from  Jamshedpur started her entrepreneurial journey with GyanSutra, which is an online tutorial platform that provides online classes in an affordable price.

Shweta started GyaanSutra in May 2020 right after Lockdown to bring Teachers and Students together in one platform. Gyaansutra has the best Teachers to teach students who want to score good and gain knowledge. It offers online live classes at INR 30 only from Communication skills, Computer to Accounts, Physics and from 8th grade to college as well as professional level.  Students can choose monthly plans which are cheaper than  ₹400. The learning platform receives a minimum commission of Rs 100 per student and the rest of the amount paid to the teachers.


Shweta could understand the problems of students who were unable to attend school and tuition classes due to lockdown and worried regarding exams as most of the classes from home were just a regular online interaction. During that time many parents were losing out their jobs. They had to struggle for daily expenses and it was hard to manage academic needs for their child’s future.

Shweta, a 2018 alumnus of JH Tarapore School in Jamshedpur, currently pursuing a BBA from the Jamshedpur Women’s College and also pursuing a Company Secretaries (CS) course, wanted to be self dependent. From give up her dream of studying at a well-known college to becoming an entrepreneur at the beginning of her 20th, she has experienced many gender biases in the society. Gyaansutra is a come out of her inner movement for woman independence. Gyaansutra is not just a startup, it’s an example of woman empowerment which can be inspiring for thousands of aspiring Women-entrepreneurs.

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I have heard that ambitious women are undesirable. Women who don’t know household chores are the worst and that made me question our existence. Why are we even alive? Just to keep shut when we see men cheating? Just to look like a beautiful blank-minded showpiece?”

  Shweta is filling the gap between the tutors and students at an affordable price through Gyaansutra and In the future, she wishes to take the service offline. Shweta has been approached by other ed tech giants to collaborate with them but she want to wait a while longer to get better exposure and then take this forward in a bigger way. She want to help as many students as possible through the platform and take away the perception that education is expensive. Her initial investment was only Rs 5000 which was for the domain as well as basic requirements. She utilized the lockdown period to set up the unique eLearning portal that specially benefits students from poor background.

Learners are required to register on the website, Choose the Plan or the Subject and then Book their desired Class after the payment. Its Live Classes are conducted on the popular Google meet platform. Live one to one interaction makes the platform really interesting. The Startup is creating many jobs for many Graduates and PGs who are passionate about teaching. The platform currently has more than 30 tutors and 1800 learners. This startup is intentionally commercial from the entrepreneurial point of view but also an effective initiative which is helpful to students to learn from anywhere across India.

Shweta and her team are ready 24×7 to support you.

You may Book a Class here!

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