The Undertaker comments on 15-year WWE contract, hints at another match despite retirement

The Undertaker comments on 15-year WWE contract, hints at another match despite retirement

The Undertaker seemingly announced his in-ring retirement on the fifth and final chapter of the Last Ride docuseries but some fans still believe that The Deadman may return for another match or two if Vince McMahon comes calling.

The speculation can’t be denied as Undertaker himself stated that he’d consider it if ‘Vince McMahon was in a pinch’. It has also been widely reported that Undertaker is signed a to a 15-year contract with WWE, which he signed last year.

During a recent interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Undertaker commented on the nature of his extended contract. The Phenom explained that the new deal doesn’t mean he’d be wrestling for another 15 years. It is just WWE’s way of ensuring that the Undertaker brand stays in the company.

Undertaker also added that Vince McMahon feels that there are a lot of different ways in which he can contribute to WWE even after he ends his in-ring career.

Undertaker admitted that he’s in a dilemma and that it’s getting harder for him to continue wrestling from a physical standpoint, even as a part-timer.

Undertaker concluded by stating that the decision to end his career will ultimately come from him.

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