This 25 years old B.Sc Student has been teaching Kids from Slum areas Under Flyover Slab in Delhi

This 25 years old B.Sc Student has been teaching Kids from Slum areas Under  Flyover Slab in Delhi

Satyendra discontinued his studies after completing 12th On his father’s request and picked up the family occupation of farming to Support them. After a year, his uncle took him to an institute where he attended a course on Buddhism. He read books by & on Dr. B.R Ambedkar. After that his Perception of education completely changed. He realised the importance of education and enrolled himself for a Graduate course at Agra University.
25 Years old Satyendra is currently pursuing BSc in Maths and lives in a Basti where Majority of Parents are daily field worker, they they have no time to drop and pick-up their kids from the government school which is 2 kilometres away from the Slum. As a result, many of their childrens are unable to get formal education. Satyendra Could imagine their future and thought to star a school for Slum kids. But he had no place, money or resources to establish a school, so he began the classes under a tree with five students until getting a donation of plastic sacks and a chair. As more slum children started joining his classes, he found it difficult to facilitate enough accommodation for every student and that’s when he built a small hut.

Convincing their parents was the hardest part for Satyendra as proverty turned their childrens to labour. They need financial support. He even faced a backlash at home for wasting his time in teaching kids when he could help his family in farming. But he was determined and worked hard to face bad days.

The school teaches almost 250 students from class 1 to class 10. For students of higher standards, the classrooms are set up in the open under the flyover and for lower grade children, they are conducted in a hut.
According to Satyendra, the biggest impact is to see the improvement in grades of students above class seven. Students who were barely clearing subjects like Maths and Science are now getting better grades. Seeing the improvement, some of the parents are donating money to purchase stationery and Many people from have donated boards, chairs and books. There are five other volunteers who are teaching the children along with Satyendra.

Satyendra hopes to take admission at the Azim Premji University for a Master’s course and hopes to join the Indian Administrative Service.


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