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Personal Life, Family,Relationships,Sex and Marriage of Pornstars


Written by : Riney Cole

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[ The Editorial Team of Idearmy officially reminded me about Terms & Policies of . I respect their Policies , So I am not going to Write any long Article on Pornography. ]


Sex has been a taboo subject since the ancient period.Thus nowadays Pornography & Porn Stars are being treated differently. People have many perceptions about them. Some people are very curious to know about their personal lives like their marriage,off camera sex, kids, parenting etc.Recently a few Pornstars Revealed the reality of their lives.


Ryan Madison & Kelly Madison


In One Sentence You Can Say “Yes,They have serious Relationships, get married, have kids & comfortable sex in real life, they enjoy their sexual moments on camera because it’s their Job (Profession) and they have to do perfectly to get couples never become jealous of partners (husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend) when having Sex with other.they keep their Profession Separately from the Personal Life. They care their childrens and always try to be  good parents.

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