“Nayak” Film makers to sue PM Modi for plagiarising anti-black Money ideas

“Nayak” Film makers to sue PM Modi for plagiarising anti-black Money ideas

In an unexpected turn of events, makers of the superhit 2001 movie “Nayak” have announced that they may sue PM Mr. Modi over “stolen” super-duper-hit ideas.

In a press conference, ace director Shankar said, “We realize that several ideas such as firm, no-nonsense governance, scaring the shit out of black money hoarding scums and making them suffer the most, and putting performance over sycophancy in babudom were non-existent concepts in India. We were the ones to first pioneer such radical measures in our landmark movie. Hence we deserve royalties from the Government from the recent windfall they’ve had from their plagiarised steps, and if they don’t comply, we may consider exploring the legal route.”

Close on Nayak‘s heels, in a trademark attempt-to-shock-and-awe revelation, AAP supremo and movie reviewer Mr Arvind Kejriwal has accused Nayak-makers of ‘stealing’ his own life story before they happened in real life.

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Rahul Gandhi has slammed the entire situation in general after discovering that he doesn’t fit in anywhere in this movie-hype. “I am being ignored on purpose,” he said, speaking to a group of uninterested youngsters patiently awaiting their turn at an ATM. “Neither am I any CM or PM, nor is anyone showing any interest in making in a movie on me. Sarkaar mujhse dari hui hai,” he attempted, before repeating that the situation created in general was “not inclusive enough.”


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