NASA Space Orbit

Here’s What Elon Musk has responded to NASA Tweet about Space Orbit

Airplanes fly about 600 mph, but the @Space_Station orbits our home planet at 17,500 mph and looks like a very bright star moving across the sky. In this view, our orbiting laboratory is crossing the line that separates night & day on Earth. Look closer: — NASA (@NASA) May 6, 2019 Space is […]


Elon Musk SILENT after SpaceX Crew Dragon exploded in SHOCKING failed test

ELON MUSK’s SpaceX have been silent about an explosion of the Crew Dragon during a failed test of the spacecraft. Smoke from the failed SpaceX test was visible for miles, The Atlantic reported. Elon Musk’s company said the tests resulted in an “anomaly” on the test stand. But grainy footage was later published online showing the capsule explode.