How Corporates (Companies) are helping India to Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19) ?

How Corporates (Companies) are helping India to Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19) ?


When The Entire World is in the grip of The Fast Spreading Novel Coronavirus , India is taking necessary measures to control and stop The Global Pandemic. The world’s most developed Nations, like US, UK, Germany, and Italy are heavily affected than India. Till Now There are 500 Positive cases have been tested and 10 infected persons died.




Though The COVID-19 virus was found and spread from China , Now The Country is Controlling and reducing its Transformation by Imposing Lock Down, Isolation & Social Distancing With The Help of Technology Companies of China. Indian Companies are Supporting Public & Government to Fight Corona virus. Indian Government & Public need to be more careful as it is the World’s Second most populated country with 1.3 Billion Population and still there is no enough Health and Medical Facilities and High Tech Infrastructures for Public Health Support. India’s Corporate understands the current situation and Helping to Beat The Global Pandemic.

Stay at Home to Stay Safe from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Reliance, The Largest Private Company of India Sets up 100 Bed Hospital, Manufacturing 1 lakh masks each day and facilitating its Employees to work from home so that they  can earn at least 30K Per month. Mahindra Group is working on Building ventilators and Mahindra resorts to be used as Hospital.  AXIS Bank waived Online banking Charges. Vedanta Group and AXIS Bank each of them Donated 100 crore as well as Anand Mahindra donates his Salary to fight Coronavirus.

Online Job Portal closed hiring and other Companies are facilitating Work from home for employees to maintain Social distancing. Domino’s initiated Zero Contact Delivery, McDonald’s started to Sanitize Delivery Boy, Delivery Bike and Delivery Bags, Free Health Checkup by Starbucks And Providing free masks to all employees and customers. Thus companies are taking their necessary initiatives to prevent The Virus and Protect Public.

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